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5 years of inspirational motivation speaking engagements I’ve been to for my job & this is the first time I’ve not only NOT been inspired, but offended & insulted by the speaker. Not only is apparently everyone else inspired by this man stalking a woman, not taking no for an answer when he asks for her for her number, to the point that he gets it from someone else & then phone stalks her until she FINALLY agrees to a 20 minute coffee “date”. He’s lucky he didn’t get slapped with a restraining order. Then when he wants to propose he’s told by the man who witnessed to him earlier to ask PERMISSION from her ex-husband whom she has a not-so-great relationship with. I have no idea what happened after that because I walked out. I’m sorry but I’m not inspired by a man who stands up on stage & tells everyone how blessed he’s been that God told him its okay to stalk people, not take no for an answer, and basically ignore personal freedoms for his own personal benefit. Ugh.

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  1. gritsinmisery said: Who the fuck was this? Was this here in Arch City? Was it a business-y or church-y motivational thing? Blimey, I’d be blasting that all over the web.
  2. daroos said: That’s fucking bullshit. No wonder you’re pissed off. WTF.
  3. stlgeekgirl posted this
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